Elemental Nightmares Vinyl Project Out Now

The two first 10″ vinyls of the Elemental Nightmares vinyl project are out now.
This great vinyl project is strictly limited to 250 with exclusive artwork !

On the first vinyl released  beginning of August 2014 you can find 4 new and exclusives tracks by Wildernessking, Oak Pantheon, Kess’ khtak and Liber Necris…listen to them here:

Elemental Nightmares – I by Wildernessking


The second 10″ vinyl out of seven was released digitally today and for those who ordered wax it should arrive very very soon…
On this split you can find new and exclusives tracks by Feared, Montecharge, Dead Rivers Run Dry and Satyros…go listen to them over here :


And of course if you want to support this amazing project, well then follow this link and order your vinyls, digital downloads, shirts and posters at this one and only link :


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